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I figured the guys from Electric Barbarian would give me a decent roadmap to guide me to the essential crossroads of their music, so I could write some real impressive liner notes about the scales and patterns these freaks use for their music. But they just gave me the record. Oh, yeah, there were some funny smiles too...


Featuring: The legendary voice of KAIN, Turntable-wizard Grazzhoppa, the French DMC-champ Netick & Mos doing Portuguese rap on “the Search”

Floris Vermeulen - Bass & compositions Bart Maris - trumpet & effects Harry Arling - drums

Heh. Wanna know how they sound on music? O, come on, you know you do. No, there's no comforting explanation for these whispers. I would be lying now, wouldn't I, if I'd call them 'urban' or 'jazz' or 'hiphop' or 'fusion'. And you want the truth. The truth and the scare. Well, all right then. I cannot put my finger on this stuff. I cannot classify this music. It's your problem now. Deal with it!

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