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Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer

Label: Discus
Released: 2015
Views: 2,606

Track Listing

Mandolin Song In Orange; Shiver Across The Soul; Like Alice; Firefly; The Beckoning; Ashen; Secret / Lily Pollen; Shock Waves; The Disappeared Mountain; Too Cool; Soliciting Crabs; Clutching At Dust; Whistling Song; Stalking The Vision.


Julie Tippetts: voice, acoustic guitar; Martin Archer: keyboards, electronics, woodwind; Peter Fairclough: drums and percussion; Seth Bennett: double bass; Gary Houghton: lead, rhythm and glissando guitars; Michael Somerset Ward: flutes, saxophones, sea flute; Kim Macari: trumpet; Lee Hallam: trombone; Chris Bywater: laptop; James Archer: electronics; Michael McMillan: guitar; Heather Cordwell: violin; Aby Vulliamy: viola; Mick Bardon: cello.

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