Victoria Horne

Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Victoria was exposed to the music and vocal styles of Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, and Dinah Washington due to her Mother's influence and passion for music. A desire to sing, dance, and act developed naturally, Victoria was enrolled into a local dancing school. Her first vocal performance, at the age of five little Victoria sang,”The Dark Town Strutter's Ball,” as part of a show case for young performers, Victoria also tap danced!

As a teen she began vocal instruction with Dr. Boatner, Sonny Stitts Dad. Performing in school productions, becoming more intent on developing a serious career as an entertainer was a work in progress. Choosing the stage name of Paula Desmond, (Victoria) received great reviews for her performance in The Prodigal Sister, presented By Woodie King, Jr.

Later deciding to use her own name which is Victoria Horne to launch her singing career, the French musician's nicknamed her “J.J. Victoria” pronounced, “Gigi”!

Known worldwide for her sultry vocals and personal renditions of classic jazz pieces,Victoria has traveled extensively performing around the world doing Concerts in Germany, Japan, France, performing with the Costa Orchestra aboard various Costa Cruise lines.

Victoria performed the anthem Amazing Grace at the NFL World Bowl held in Frankfurt, Germany. She has also been connected musically with Bob Dylan in his music video “Tight Connection to My Heart”, and also joined Joe Turner in Paris for his “Live in Concert” tour.

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You can study all the Greats, but if you weren't born with the pipes, you'll never cut it as a jazz vocalist. Or, you can be like Horne, who clearly has augmented her deliciously smoky voice with extensive listening to the likes of Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday. The results speak for themselves: pitch-perfect renditions of standards, delivered with a sly grin!- C-Net Music Editor review.


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