Vincent Bergeron

Spasmacousmatic / Schizophonia composer (since 1997), helping all unknown and dynamic sounds (11 albums, 72 compositions in 2012.10.26). All about the quality of the trip, allergic to abusive conceptualisation or derivative and arrogant academic formulation. Berger Rond's melodic and abstract music comes from the building of a self-invented craft. It sometimes changes in approach, sometimes stays the same. Always more sound combinaisons tried during the process from one composition to another. His do-it-yourself method is not the point, it is only what he does to get through sequences he love, a trip without obvious climax. Vincent writes music and poems that he hears in his head and that does not need to be connected to this world passing and current priorities. Listen, think or not while it is playing.

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VINCENT BERGER ROND – ELLE AVAIT RAISON HATHOR (CD by Spectropol) I’m very happy the releases of this Canadian maestro end up at my disc for reviewing. In the last few years I reviewed several of the releases by this extraordinary talent. [...] this new release, is a pleasant surprise. The sampled constructions sound more organic and multi-dimensional now. This makes this unclassifiable music a bit more accessible and enjoyable. What is new also is the fact that this is his first release by another label, namely Spectropol Records. In a way his music is comparable in some aspects with that of Biota and Noah Creshevsky

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