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Visions Of A Peaceful Planet

Visions Of A Peaceful Planet by Ancient Future

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Ancient Future

Label: Records
Released: 1980
Duration: 43:17
Views: 641

Track Listing

Zzaj; Moonbath; Morning Song; Incandescence; Bright Wind; Eternal Embrace.


Ancient Future
Ancient Future


Additional Personnel / Information

Matthew Montfort: scalloped fretboard guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar; Mindia Devi Klein: bansuri and silver flutes, tabla bol recitation; Benjy Wertheimer: tabla, esraj; Phil Fong: sarod, Irish harp, classical guitar, zither; Mark Fuller: cymbals.

Album Description

Visions of a Peaceful Planet by Ancient Future is the band's debut recording, recorded between December 1978 and May of 1979, when all of the members were studying at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California, under the late sarod master, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. "By listing the instruments involved in this wonderful, worldly recording project one can imagine the aural possibilities – sitar, steel string guitar with scalloped fretboard, North Indian bamboo flute, tabla, cymbal, esraj, zither, flamenco guitar, Irish harp, tanpura, etc." "The first thing that makes this LP a delight is the magnificence of the instrumental blending. 'Zzaj,' by Montfort, for instance, sounds like music to celebrate the sunrise. 'Morning Song,' on the other hand, is based on Indian instruments, the Bansuri flute of Klein over a harmonic bed of sitar, tabla, sarod, zither, and tanpura; great stuff sounds like a dove whistling in a forest of stringed instruments." – Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner



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