Vivian Lee Vivian Lee

I am a jazz vocalist and recording artist I specialize in the standards - Gershwin, Ellington, Berlin, James, Jobim, and the like. My main venues have been the cabaret/supper clubs and nightclubs such as Cascades and, Lou's on Pier 47 in San Francisco. I have also performed at the Stockmarket Lounge and Grill and the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.

I have been a vocalist in the Sacramento area for the last nine years and am making the rounds as guest vocalist with some of the Sacramento and Bay area's finest musicians. I have also had the great fortune to play with legendary drummer Ed Thigpen.

In 1999 I formed the Vivian Lee Quintet and have been drawing in audiences to experience our magic from Lake Tahoe to the Bay area. She has assembled an all-star ensemble of players, which include pianist Tom Whinnery, bassist Darrell Fernandez, guitarist Glenn Hair, saxophonist David Witkowski and drummer Butch Minor. For the past couple of years, we have performed at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee to standing- room-only venues.

In addition to my combo work around the area I am also a recording artist whose 2000 debut CD, “Scarlett”, and current 2002 release, “Where is Love”, have been receiving some extensive airplay on some of the public radio jazz stations. I am currently producing my third CD project set for May 2004 release.

I am also the main vocalist for the Fred Morgan Big Band, a 16-piece big band playing at hotels and festivals throughout the Northern California area

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