Vlada Brofman

I began playing the piano and singing in a school choir at 7. After 9 years of music lessons, I discovered the guitar - as a much more portable instrument. While I enjoyed performing at house parties, it took some time for me to start taking the center stage. Over 5 years ago, I co-founded the band NoMad Dreams with Georges, composer and pianist. That turned out to be the turning point in my life: these days I spend all my free time rehearsing, writing songs and performing solo and with the band.

”This album is scrumptious! Their Russian singer Vlada has a voice of verve and sass, and even though I was listening while doing other work, lyric upon lyric kept jumping out at me. Unlike most jazzy acts, the lyrics are not poetic and instead punch you in the face with sly wit. Example: “I’m un-employyyyed / don’t-know-where-i’ll-sleep-tomorrow” and “don’t-ask-me-for-how-long… I lost count / when my insurance ran out”! This album is fun from start to finish. Imagine Julie Andrews singing “I wanted to be a painter / but they told me I’m color blind / i wanted to be a rabbi / but god said ‘you’re out of your mind.'” I’ve already listened to the CD three times and will listen again!” (Shauna Erlbaum, with the Noise/http://thenoise-boston.com/)

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