Vote For Pedro

Vote For Pedro is the newest project for Taunia Soderquist, Ben Jackson, and Shah Salmi. All three are award-winning vocalists and arrangers, and have been infuenced by everyone from Clifford Brown to the New York Voices.

While heavily jazz influenced, Vote For Pedro strives to create updated contemporary arrangements of old favorites like Summertime and Autumn Leaves, while also writing and arranging their unique originals. In one night, you'll hear everything from bossa nova to campy humor. They fuse comedy and jazz in a way that's creative and energetic, and the audience is often part of their show. But don't be fooled: they strive for quality, complex arrangements that will satisfy the artistic ear.

Vote For Pedro performs frequently at area venues like Ryles Jazz Club, The Stoneham Theatre, The Somerville Theatre, Johnny D's, TCAN (The Natick Center for the Arts), Satalla's (NY), CBGB's (NY), The Bottom Line (NY), and more.

All the members of Vote For Pedro are award-winning vocalists, composers, and arrangers. All of the songs and arrangements are by the band members, and many numbers are improvised on the spot at the performance!

Vote For Pedro is currently in the studio finishing up their new (as yet untitled) CD release (March 2006)



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