Warren Jones

Warren Jones has spent more than 40 years as a bassist, composer, clinician and teacher. A graduate of the Arizona State University School of Music in 1986, he has taught in high schools, community colleges and in the ASU Jazz Dept. He appears with both local and national artists on over 60 CDs and DVDs. Mr. Jones has composed over 40 pieces of music for various sized ensembles. His compositions have been performed in the United States and Internationally. He can be heard on four of his own CDs, various recordings with Arizona based jazz greats, and over 50 recordings with the John Shea Trio, the new Robin Connell CD, and the new Kathy Lamar CD. Until recently, he currently resided in the Grand Rapids, MI area performing with The John Shea Trio and other west Michigan jazz musicians. He currently resides and performs in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Below is a partial list of work in the music field:

1980-1983...Member of Francine Reed and Jazz Alive 1982-2008.…Member of the Armand Boatman Trio 1986.…Completes Bachelor of Music degree from ASU 1988-1991.…1998-2001.……..adjunct professor for ASU Jazz Program under Chuck Marohnic 1995-1998.…Music director for Balboa Café Tempe AZ 1988-1998.…Bassist for Keith Greko Trio 1995-2001.…Leader of Trio 2000 and Quartetto del Sol 1998-2003.…Member of Bob Ravenscroft Trio 2000…Founding member of The PHOENIX JAZZ QUARTET….CD releases 2000 & 2004 2001.… Earworm Music Project launched….”OHRWURM” CD released 2003-2008…Member John Shea Trio in AZ 2006…”BRIDGES” CD released 2008-2010.…Phoenix Jazz Quintet performs in Arizona 2008-2009.…Adjunct faculty at MCC 2010- 2011….Jones Jazz Duos at Eureka!Grill 1985-2012…Private instruction and Sideman in AZ June 2012-present…Member John Shea Trio in MI, West MI Jazz society parties, Jeff Haas Groups

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CD Baby review. The beauty of Warren L. Jones III's album, Bridges is that one could spend hours picking apart the subtle touches that give it that special “something”, those almost imperceptible nuances of syncopation, the delicate back and forth conversational strands between guitar and piano, the gentle twist of a melody outlining a surprisingly fresh chord that pricks the imagination and lifts the eyebrows, the effortless transition between the sly and moody atmospheres transitioning into the sassy and proud ones—all of these artistic and mind-blowing components could be explored endlessly, but regardless it suffices to say that if music theory escapes you, there will be no loss of pleasure or appreciation in listening to this album

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