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And suddenly, there they were, draped in wonderfully coordinated pastel colours, and ready to piece together scattered and random memory-images to a beautifully elaborate puzzle-work of artistry. Swedish Water Boogie System have, since their birth in the fall of 2011, made the deliberate choice to enhance and cherish every quirky musical impulse. Imagine staying up late one night, fine-tuning your radio to the different frequencies: Noise, absurd philosophical wonderings in and about the Big dipper, noise, jerky, broken phrases of free-form improv, grandiose space epics, noise, and all of a sudden, the delicate harmonies of a soft-singing choir. In other words, a wildly unpredictable combination of music and stories. When WBS was named “P2's Debutant of the year” in 2012, a prize by the Swedish national radio, the somewhat grave and sombre Swedish jazz scene gained a rare commodity. Their music ingeniously incorporates scenes of space travel, penguins, ninjas and the heroes of every-day life with jarring whit an earnest sense of humour. You are unrestrainedly thrown between disarming hilarity, and teary-eyed awe; its not often you hear lyrics so perceptive and piercing, so accurately on the mark. After concerts at Umeå Jazz festival, Sweden, and all around the North, Water Boogie System are now releasing their debut album Greetings. It is a gift box of musical relishes well worth unwrapping.


”There is no denying the unbridled joy of playing, it is raw and emotional, ripped-apart, pressed together, thrown-out, reeled back in, with great physical presence: as if the drummer is devouring his cymbals, the bass player digging his bass, the pianist hammering his piano, and the singer flying her voice”

“Jazz meets pure musical expressionism in a riveting way”


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