What Is Success?

What Is Success?

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Erik Borelius

Label: EB Music
Released: 2003
Duration: 00:52:00
Views: 340

Track Listing

1. Woman On The Floor, 2. The Fan, 3. I Believe, 4. Manhandle, 5. Shandor, 6. The Thin Blue Line, 7. The Loner, 8. His Logic Was Bizarre, 9. What Is Success?, 10. To Love And Be Loved, 11. Life Can Be This Picture


Erik Borelius - Guitars, Bass and Vocals, Aare Pöder - keyboards, Fredrik Bergström - Drums, Rebecca Zätterström - Vocals

Album Description

Pressrelease WHAT IS SUCCESS? (EB MUSIC 2003). When work on Erik’s latest album, the collection Guitar, was coming to a close he felt it was time for something new. Erik has always enjoyed singing and was curious to hear what it would sound like if he composed from the basis of his own voice – if he made songs that suited him. “It’s a completely different matter to make music with vocals. The voice in itself gives room for so many emotions. With the guitar it can be harder to reach all the way. Because of that composing was easier and more pleasurable than I had anticipated. With the voice, possibilities are unlimited – you can use it as a background, rhythm-instrument, choir or bass. Creatively it is the ultimate instrument”, Erik says. His lyrics deal with unusual subjects. For example he writes about the older generation that is forgotten by their children in Woman on the floor. The romantic The fan is a story about a boy who worships a soccer-hero and how he gathers courage to contact his idol. In the title-tune What is success? he gives a description of how humans have a tendency to value success and happiness in terms of money and assets. “Part of the fascination with working as I do is to see the album develop with me as the director. A great deal of work concerns technical matters but it is always connected to the artistic dimension in this job. “For example Fredrik Bergström’s drum sound took some time to find. We experimented with paper, microphone-angels and multiband-compressors to get the short, tight sound that doesn´t take much space but is simply there”, Erik says. As on all of Erik’s albums since Duende, Aare Pöder plays the keyboards. Among other melodies, you can hear him in Woman on the floor where he also plays a solo. A young, promising singer – Rebecca Zätterström, sings harmonies and backing-vocals. Johan Adelstål has designed the album.

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