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Come and discover the poetic world of modern business! On the threshold of the latest communication techniques, our two heroes of contemporary capitalism will sing it to you. With the latest and very best equipment (vocal chords, financial newspapers, flute, typewriter and double bass), they will share the highs and lows of a day at the office: development, pop music, human resources, world music, management, jazzy twists and alienation of labour « What a day! » is a musical trip through the entrails of the bureaucratic world.

Double vocal duet duo voix et contrebasse

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”Here’s a beautifully creative clip of What A Day, a bass and vocal duo made up of Jonathan Joly and Leah Gracie. The band describes their project as a “musical trip through the entrails of the bureaucratic world” of the music industry.

“Closet” features an interesting bass line that evokes imagery of the passing of a work day with a typewriter and a pencil used as percussion instruments.”

Minimalistic, experimental French jazz-pop lounge duo What a Day has released a new EP, Specimen.

In keeping with the duo’s established style, the music is primarily defined by Jonathan Joly‘s double bass, singer Léah Gracie’s vocals and more quotidian sounds, like adding machine keys being depressed.