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When You Know


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Russell Malone

Label: Manila Jazz Festival
Released: 2008
Views: 416

Track Listing

01. Just My Imagination; 02. Over the Weekend; 03. Lovin' You; 04. I'm In Love Again; 05. Midnight Sun; 06. Once I Loved; 07. Windmills of Your Mind: 08. Social Call; 09. When You Know; 10. Today Will Be A Good Day.


Russell Malone (chitarra); Romero Lubambo (chitarra); Billy Childs (piano, Rhodes piano); Steve Wilson (soprano sax); George Duke (piano); Geoffrey Keezer (piano, Rhodes piano); Dave Carpenter (basso); Reuben Rogers (basso acoustic; basso elettrico); Reginald Veal (basso acustico; baby bass; percussioni); Greg Hutchinson (batteria); Oscar Seaton (batteria); Antonio Sanchez (batteria); Lenny Castro (percussioni); Karen Briggs (violin); Sarah Thornblade (violino); Matthew Funes (viola); Alma Fernandez (viola); Giovanni Clayton (violoncello); Susan Wulff (contrabbasso).


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