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About Taino Percussionist William Ruiz “Thanks to Will Ruiz for dedicated assistance with coordination throughout the Cerebral Caverns project.” -Reggie Workman. “Percussionist and Log drummer William Ruiz is preserving the music of indigenous people.” C.N.N News. “ Best of NYC” the village voice. October, 2003. “ is creative “ Latin Film Festival. Madison Square Garden. “New York's percussiont Number one” Hot 97. William Ruiz (bandleader, solo percussionist,Mayahuacan, Master Log drummer, hand drummer), is one of today's most talented modern improvisational world music artists. Based in NYC, this young spirited Native American Taino Puerto Rican artist is the creative force behind a unique blend of improvisational world tribal percussion sounds. Ruiz was born in Elizabeth, NJ. Since December 2000, Ruiz has been documented for presenting the Taino Mayohuacan, the 12 tongue modern Log drum and Tribal drum set along with various percussion instruments to the people of NYC, nationally and internationally. His Log drum is a modern version of the Taino - Mayohuacan. It is known by many different Indigenous tribes worldwide by various other names. With his tribal drum set and the 12 tongue modern Log drum as his main instrument he entrances his audiences. Constantly provoking people to dance, Ruiz is a crowd pleaser. Influenced by Jazz Masters especially master acoustic bassist / Educator Reggie Workman

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Village Voice Best of the Best NYC percussionist. CNN William Ruiz top NYC percussionist

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