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When he was 10, Winfield Davis wanted so badly to make music that he built his own guitar. That determination and creativity drove the Bermuda native (who lived alternately in Oberlin Ohio) to become a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, later performing with top acts in Bermuda's thriving hotel nightclub culture. After moving to Florida 15 years ago, Davis -- whose main instrument is bass -- actively partook of the Suncoast music scene, including performing with the popular dance band Ozone. After a brief break, Davis amazingly released two original smooth/”nu”- jazz CDs in the past 12 months. The 11-song “C-Street” came out in March. Davis released the first one (”Midnight Player”) in August 2007. Most impressive is Davis singing and playing every instrument, recording and mastering both discs within the year, never having recorded previously. And, he said, it was simply because he had accumulated so much material he needed to get it out. Davis is now gathering musicians to perform his music, primarily for touring. Quote: “I'm looking forward to taking it to the next level, which is actually performing (my music) with musicians who, in turn, take it to the next level,” he said. “That's the thing about performing live and having the right musicians do it, because they, in turn, will put a fresh spin on it.” Where to buy CDs: or Web site:


Gallien Krueger and Fender Amps and enclosures Roland vs880 work station, for "FX" and looping. Carlo Robelli 5 Strings Bass, "E to C" Fender Squier 4 String Piccolo Bass, Alvarez 6 String acoustic Ibanez Roadstar II

MTB ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Winfield Davis, CD: C-Street Bermuda native, now Tampa Bay composer, bassist, guitarist & percussionist, Winfield Davis captures the essence of true smooth jazz, with extra layers of lush, mellow sound stylings that should put some nationally recognized masters of the genre on notice. Music Tampa Bay was proud to recently feature his newest CD, C-Street, the title cut of which is now moving up the MTB Great 48 (see Playlist page). The music of Winfield Davis is a brilliant center piece in the crown jewel of talent that represents not only the local music scene, but the best of what American artistry offers to the world.

Winfield Davis is a Bassist, Guitarist, and Composer from Florida whose music combines promise and direction

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