Yasushi Gonjo Yasushi Gonjo

Yasushi was born in Yamaguchi, Japan. He learned the cornet, alto saxophone and guitar at an early age. He switched to the contrabass when he became sixteen years old. In 2004, he studied at Osaka College of Music in Osaka and he took lessons from Mr. Terumasa Hino, Tomoyuki Kimura, Ken Sakakura.

Yasushi started playing career as a professional from a student. He experienced performed with top musicians such as Othello Molineaux, Eddie Henderson, Lewis Nash.

Yasushi has made 8 CDs as a leader. His own band “GINGERBREAD BOYS” got number one Japanese Jazz Band of “Jazz Page’s A Popularity Vote 2012” And he has recorded 10 CDs an a side man.

In 2010, he started to produce concert event “CHANGES” series to introduce young jazz bands. He has made successful 10 times the event. And 2011, he founded the independent record label “OPEN E MUSIC” . 2014, Yasushi moved to New York City. He has played at Canada Lethbridge Jazz And Blues Festival(2018), Blue Note New York(2019) as a member of Nobuki Takamen(gt) trio. Yasushi is one of the most famous young jazz musician from Japan.



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bass, acoustic
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bass, acoustic



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