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YO SOY RITMO! DANZON - Homenaje a Miguel Failde

YO SOY RITMO! DANZON - Homenaje a Miguel Failde

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Bobby Ramirez

Label: Glenda R Mujer Esperanza
Released: 2018
Duration: 34:00
Views: 772

Track Listing

1. Los Ojos de Pepa - Contradanza 2. La Paloma - Habanera 3. Las Alturas de Simpson 4. El Bombín de Barreto 5. Son de Almendra 6. Danzonete-Rompiendo la Rutina 7. El Cadete Constitucional 8. Masacre 9. La Flauta Mágica


Musicians: Bobby Ramirez, flute, vocals, music director Yorgis Goiricelaya, bass guitar Livan Mesa, piano Antonio “Pacha” Portuono, timbales Amaurys Reinoso Perdomo, guiro, congas Luis Aguilar Torres, violins, bk vocals Glenda R Mujer Esperanza, bk vocals All musical arrangements by: Bobby Ramirez

Album Description

Yo Soy RITMO! DANZON – Homenaje a Miguel Failde Liner Notes Our journey of YO SOY RITMO! DANZON began in 2013. Inspired by Glenda R Mujer Esperanza's love for this music and her Cuban roots, we noticed that no one was actively promoting the Cuban classic Danzón. And thus, our quest began with the mission of rescuing the Cuban Danzón. "Yo Soy RITMO! Danzón – Homenaje a Miguel Failde" is not a musical or historical study of the Danzón. It is a re-connection with our rhythmic roots, organized in chronological order—taking us from the gestation, formation, birth, development and maturity of the rhythmic Pearl of the Americas, the Danzón. It is also a loving tribute of recognition of all the great musicians and dancers who contributed to the Cuban Danzón; thus becoming the musical basis and matrix of a rhythm and culture that went on to influence and characterize the cultural and social landscape of many Latin American countries. We are also grateful to Mexico which keeps the Danzón alive. Even today, millions of Mexicans enjoy the Danzón since the first joyful rhythm of the Cuban Charanga was heard in Veracruz, Yucatán and the Federal District. Most importantly, this musical production is a loving tribute to the creator of the Danzón; the first Danzón was premiered in 1879 by the musician Miguel Faílde "Las Alturas de Simpson" at the Liceo de Matanzas with the orchestra he directed. Beyond the music, we were determined to reconstruct all the historical visual imagery, elegance, and pageantry of this unique Cuban folklore. Today, we continue to rescue, preserve, promote and educate about the authentic Cuban Danzón. "Yo Soy RITMO! Danzón – Homenaje a Miguel Failde" is a labor of love that was initiated with respect, meticulous attention to detail and dedication. We hope this musical work brings the listener great pleasure as much as we enjoyed producing it.

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