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You Can Never Please Anybody


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Francesco Bigoni

Released: 2011
Views: 562

Track Listing

01. Don't Touch Him (This Is Jazz) (Bigoni); 02. Dear Fellow Astronauts (Bigoni/Bittolo Bon/Scardino); 03. Clipperton's Strategy (Bittolo Bon); 04. Twenty Years (Frisell); 05. Forty Years (Bigoni/Bittolo Bon/Scardino); 06. Philosophy of the World (The Shaggs); 07. Ceenoozooid (Bigoni/Bittolo Bon/Scardino); 08. The Onanistic Side of Crisco 3 (Scardino); 09. Lusco eterno (Bigoni/Bittolo Bon/Scardino); 10, Pphhiilloossoopphhyy ooff tthhee Wwoorrlldd (The Shaggs).


Francesco Bigoni (sax tenore, clarinetto); Piero Bittolo Bon (sax alto, clarinetto alto); Beppe Scardino (sax baritono, clarinetto basso).


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