Zakiya Hooker

At first glance it would seem that Zakiya Hooker was born into the Blues. After all, her father is the late great Blues Legend John Lee Hooker. But rather than relying on her father, Zakiya has pursued life and music on her own terms.

In 1991 Zakiya made her first public appearance with her father, John Lee Hooker at the Kaiser Center Theatre in Oakland, California. Since that time Zakiya has gone on to peform on shows with Etta James, John Hammond, Taj Mahal, Charlie Musselwhite, Narada Michael Walden and many, many more. By 1993 Zakiya released her first CD “Another Generation Of The Blues” on Silverton Records. In 1997 she released her second CD “Flavors Of The Blues” worldwide on Pointblank/Virgin Records. 2001 brought a live release recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina “Colors Of The Blues”. She is now finishing up her fourth CD.

Zakiya has spoken on Blues panels and given spoken word performances about this unique American Art form, all in addition to her performing and recording career. She was selected to give a spoken word performance at film director Martin Scorsese's Radio City Music Hall Blues Concert on February 7, 2003 in New York City, a concert that was filmed by director Antoine Fuqua. Zakiya was also a panelist, as well as a spoken word performer at San Francisco's KQED-TV launch program for Scorsese's fall PBS-TV series “The Blues” at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre on September 16, 2003.

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NIGHT LIFE MAGAZINE Much like her father's, Zakiya's vocal instrument has a dusky, shimmering feel.

BLUES RAG Zakiya sounds more like the offspring of George Benson. Zakiya has the talent to carve a niche on the jazz chart with an excellent voice.

BLUES SUEDE NEWS Hooker's sophisticated voice does not scream or growl. Instead, it purrs.

CONTRA COSTA TIMES Zakiya has earned the right to sing the Blues.

VALLEY TIMES Flavors of the Blues highlights Zakiya's common trait with her dad - the soothing quality of their voices.

DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE John's daughter, Zakiya makes the most of her classy, cautious and considered approach to the Blues.

SAN DIEGO JAZZ & BLUES MAGAZINE What Zakiya does is for real and she sings like a bird

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