Zak Starkey

As the forty-year-old son of Ringo Starr, most would think that Zak Starkey had been handed stardom on a silver platter. He plays drums with two of the most popular bands in the world, names the late, great Keith Moon as one of his best childhood friends, and is so busy he can be impossible to reach, as when Modern Drummer tried in vain to contact the globetrotting musician after he’d left his cell phone on someone else’s private jet.

But before he landed gigs with The Who and Oasis, Zak Starkey played with ten years’ worth of unknowns and also-rans, dragging his kit all over England like any other ambitious drummer. Slogging away in the studio and on the road, Starkey honored his small-time obligations like any one else, until just over ten years ago, when late, legendary Who bassist John Entwistle heard him at a local pub and immediately invited him to join his band.

Not surprisingly, Zak’s drumming is the best fit in The Who since Keith Moon pillaged and pounded the skins during the band’s ’60s/’70s glory days. On The Who Live: The Blues To The Bush CD and The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD, Starkey integrates within The Who as no one since the mad “Moon the loon” himself.

The other drummers who followed Moon in that exalted drum chair

Source: Ken Micallef


14" Zildjian A Mastersound Hi-Hats
22" Zildjian K Crash Ride(x2)
22" Zildjian K Ride
Zak Starkey Artist Series Drumsticks(Zildjian)
All colored in The Who's red, white, and blue colors as seen on their live performance at the Super Bowl 44 show.
DW Drums
REMO Drumheads

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