zBug is the premiere industrial jazz unit based in San Francisco, CA that presents structured improvisational compositional music sets, based architecture.

Current Line-Up: David Leikam, Sheila Bosco, Timothy Orr, Sean Price

They have been associated with Wadada Leo Smith, John Coltrane, Eddie Gale (Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor), Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, cEvin Key/Download, Skinny Puppy, OhGr, and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio (MM3).

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“The sacred geometry of zBug is no small thing. So enormous, in fact, that it’s invisible.” — Tyran Grillo, AllAboutJazz

“… zBug sounds very similar to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio!” — John Baffa, Sound Engineer – CalArts/Lou Reed’s MM3: The Creation Of The Universe


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