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ZING! was originally formed for a one time performance on May 22nd, 2006 celebrating the birthday of one of the band members. After this first performance it was a mutual understanding that this Chicago-based group of musicians would soon become a new group. ZING! draws on the traditions of both acoustic improvised music, electronica and ambient music, with members contributing personal musical identities and backgrounds including a wide range of musical styles.

Although all members of ZING! are steeped in the jazz tradition, all have ventured into other musical dimensions through study and performance with groups playing latin, rock, funk, drum ‘n bass, free jazz, classical, punk and many other styles of music. In live performance, this musical collective balances wholly improvised pieces with pre-composed ones, always freshly approaching the music.

ZING!’s distinctive “improv-meets-rock-meets-jazz” sound is produced with all members experimenting with their natural acoustic sounds and the employment of pedals and electronics of various kinds. If you can’t catch up with ZING! at one of its live performances, you can also check out sounds of the band on the 2007 release on ears&eyes Records, “Magnetic Flux.” (available Summer 2007)

Albums by Zing!

Album Magnetic Flux by Zing!

Magnetic Flux

ears&eyes Records


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