Zona Sud

At the end of 2010, Mario Schettini (piano and keyboards) and Guglielmo Saracca (bass) met to give life to a new musical project. There were many ideas but the project did not yet have its own identity. Only a year later, in 2011, with the entry of guitarist Enzo Passaro, it’s more clear the idea of experiment and merge melodies and colors linked to the sounds of Neapolitan music with the expressive and improvisational freedom that distinguishes jazz.

In 2012 with the entryl of Massimo Pacella on drums, the project takes concrete form and born “Zona Sud”, a band strongly linked with its homeland.

In the summer of 2013, after a long and tiring work, I Love My Funky is presented as the first single for the band's official debut at the national contest Musica E. In September of the same year the band is completed, enriched by the sax of Francesco Bavosa.

After various performances aimed, above all, at charitable purposes, in November 2017 the recording of first album began. Unfortunately, a few months later, on 21 February 2018, during the recordings a sad fatality fell on the group due to the premature death of bassist Guglielmo Saracca, who, however, before leaving, managed to record all the bass lines.

It is a difficult time for the South Zone, made even more complicated by the decision of drummer Massimo Pacella to leave the group for personal reasons. But when it all seemed to be over, at that very moment, the meeting with the new drummer, Daniele De Luca and bassist Ciro Postiglione, gave to the group the energy to continue. The difficult moments are behind the and with a new formation and, in the meantime, the ending of the first album “Contaminazioni”. In December 2018, in fact, after one year, the album was completed in the studios of B&D Record, thanks also to the support of percussionist Davide Cantarella, who entirely performed the rhythm part, playing drums and percussion, and at the artistic supervision of Alessandro La Corte.

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