Can you make Jazz & Funk music based only on computer software? I like to think so! ZoulActive is based in Halmstad, Sweden and came to life in the late 90's. After several attempt of making music the old fashion way I bought my first 'puter and music programs. From the very beginning I had a clear view of what I was trying to achieve; to make electronic jazz/ funk with an acoustic feel to it. Believe me, it was hard to live up to my dreams with the lack of equipment I had at the time, but to make a long story short. Now, 5 years later i'm slowly getting there! The music and the sound i've got now is as close to my idea and definition of what Jazz & Funk is all about, I like it, my friends and alot of people who's been kind enough to download and buy my records like it! - Maybe you like it too?

Albums by ZoulActive

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