Bebe Barron

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Born: June 16, 1925 | Died: April 20, 2008    Primary Instrument: Composer/conductor

Bebe Barron

The 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet was the first major motion picture to feature an all- electronic film score a soundtrack that predated synthesizers and samplers. It was like nothing the audience had seen or heard. The composers were two little-known and little-appreciated pioneers in the field of electronic music, Louis and Bebe Barron.

Married in 1947, the Barrons received a tape recorder as a wedding gift. They used it to record friends and parties, and later opened one of the first private sound studios in America. The 1948 book “Cybernetics: Or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine”, by MIT mathematician Norbert Wiener, inspired Louis Barron to build electronic circuits, which he manipulated to generate sounds. Bebe's job was to sort through hours and hours of tape. Together they manipulated the sounds to create an otherworldly auditory experience....
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Bebe Barron (all composed with Louis Barron)

Bells of Atlantis. Film score. 1952.
Cannabis. Film score. 1975.
The Circe Circuit. Tape. 1982.
The Computer Age. Film score. 1968.
Crystal Growing. Film score. 1959.
Elegy for a Dying Planet. Tape. 1982.
For an Electronic Nervous System. Tape. 1954.
Forbidden Planet. Videotape or Laserdisc. MGM/UA Home Video, 1991.
Heavenly Menagerie. Tape. 1951-52.
Jazz of Lights. Film score. 1956.
Miramagic. Film score. 1954.
More Than Human. Film score. 1974.
Music of Tomorrow. Tape. 1960.
New Age Synthesis II on Totally Wired. 1986.
Space Boy. Tape. 1971.
Time Machine on Music from the Soundtrack of Destination Moon and Other Themes. Cinema Records LP-8005, 1970.

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Forbidden Planet
MGM/Verve (1995)

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